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Corporate Marketing

A complete set of coordinated Advertising, Publicity, Information, Signage, and Internal Forms.

Real Estate

Real Estate Handouts
(2.7 MB)
Design, Photography, Printing by myself.

Corportae Photography

Photographic Services
(1.1 MB):
Commercial and Portrait,
Restoration and Editing.

hihg-density catalogs

8 page Technical Brochure    (0.5 MB)
Design, Photo Retouching by myself.

Catalogs & Charts

450 page Master Catalogs, Labels, and high density Charts    (0.5 MB)
Designed and edited by myself.


156 page Catalog    (4.3MB)
Designed and edited by myself.

Newspaper Editing

Denver's First Health News
Tabloid Newspaper: Design, Layout, Copy & Photo Editing; plus some Ads & Photography by myself.


Newsletter    (1.5 MB)
Design, Writing,
Principal Photography, Printing
by myself.

Graphic Design

"Insight/Incite"    (0.5 MB)
Alternative Newspaper Redesign.

Newspaper Design

Tabloid Newspaper Sampler    (0.7 MB)
Design, Text, Copy Editing, Ads, Photography by myself.

Catalog Photography

Recent Catalog Photography

Product Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet
(0.9 MB)
Designed and edited by myself.

Newspaper & Magazine Ads

Recent Newspaper Advertising

Brochure redesign

Redesign of customer's Do-It-Yourself.

Book Cover

Design study for Book Cover

Programmed Learning

110 page programmed learning Textbook
(0.7 MB)
Designed and co-edited by myself.

Stereo Photography

Stereo Photography